Mighty Protect Series – Because Hygiene Matters

We all know that bacteria lives around us, and in the recent years we have grown more aware of the importance of protecting ourselves from the bad bacteria that cause diseases. However, one of the hardest areas to keep clean all the time is the place we spent 8 hours in. Our beds!

Even if we bathe before going to bed, it is inevitable that sweat and dead skin cells will be left on our beds throughout the night, and these will promote the growth of bacteria. Because hygiene matters, we have sourced a high technology, lab-certified antibacterial fibre from Japan to make this bedding set.

The Mighty Protect series keeps your bed and you safe as it prevents the growth of bacteria. As bacteria cannot grow on the bed, your bed will stay fresh as if deodorised. The antimicrobial collection also repels dust mites and is tested to be skin-friendly.

Now you can go to a fresh-smelling bed every day.

Our Mighty Protect collection includes:

Mighty Protect Pillow

A flexible and hygienic pillow filled with antibacterial microfibre for your best protection.

Mighty Protect Bolster

Drool all you want on this soft, huggable bolster.

Mighty Protect Duvet

A duvet with generous filling that feels as fluffy as it looks.

Mighty Protect Mattress Protector

A fitted mattress protector that stays in place and prevents stains on your mattress.

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