The Supreme Classi Pillow

Classic but unconventional

Supreme Classi Pillow

Not all of us like the firm and unmoving shape of the contour pillow, yet we love the benefits of sleeping on memory foam as it adjusts perfectly to our shape for optimum support and comfort. Therefore we bring you the Supreme Classi Pillow, which uniquely combines the best of both worlds.

The Supreme Classi Pillow is made of 100% memory foam, in the form of a memory foam pocket filled with memory foam crumbs, and encased in a soft and breathable quilted Tencel cover. Like all our memory foam products, the high density memory foam supports your head and neck and keeps your posture aligned.

Softer feel

For those of us who love a softer pillow, especially the back sleepers, the memory foam crumbs in a traditional pillow shape gives the right feel.

Cool and fresh

Space between the crumbs allows better breathability and air flow for a cool night’s sleep. The removable Tencel cover is a naturally bacteria-resistant and smooth-feeling material that you will love.

Safe and toxic-free

Your health and safety is one of our top priorities. Our memory foam is fully tested and certified by TUD SUV to be toxic-free and safe for long term use.

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