SUPREME MATTRESS [FREE MIGHTY Mattress Protector + 2pcs Sportline Pillow]

We use only premium quality foam which not only supports the body well but is also durable against wear. The high density foam mattress evenly distributes the body weight and this relieves the pressure points in our bodies for a better blood circulation and deeper sleep. It’s time to say goodbye to joint pain and back pain.

We wanted to make a pillow that suits combination sleepers, so this is it. The Sportline Pillow is specially contoured on one side for the back sleeper, and just the right height on the other side for the side sleeper. Best of all, there is no chance of waking up in a pool of sweat with this pillow.

We’ll give you a say in the quality of our mattresses. Come over to our sleep studios at Kajang and Semenyih now. It might surprise you how well you can relax in a memory foam embrace. Our sleep studios are located at:

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