Why Choose a Memory Foam Mattress Over a Spring Mattress

Why Choose a Memory Foam Mattress Over a Spring Mattress

In the Malaysian home today, a spring mattress is more often found than a memory foam mattress, which is not a surprise as we can buy spring mattresses easily and cheaply, and also it is the type of mattress our parents and grandparents slept in for decades. Even though the technology of spring mattresses has advanced considerably, we want to tell you how you can benefit more from sleeping on a memory foam mattress, especially if you have back pain or difficulty sleeping.

Let’s compare the two.

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

The higher quality spring mattress (not cheap ones though) now has sophisticated coil designs to offer good support for the body, however it doesn’t cradle your body like a memory foam mattress. Memory foam is a strange material that adapts to each different person and holds the body in a curve which is your exact shape.

To put it scientifically, the memory foam mattress distributes your weight evenly over the area you lie on, and this relieves the pressure points in your body. Simply speaking, your body relaxes fully, floating on a soft cloud that absorbs your energy while you drift off into dreamland. For those who can’t fall asleep easily, a memory foam mattress may earn you a few more moments of Zs.

When the pressure points are relieved, blood circulation improves and your spine and lumbar are better aligned. There are many causes for back pain, and one of the common ones is poor posture, whether standing, sitting or lying down. While it can’t be said that sleeping on a memory foam mattress will heal back pain, a well-aligned sleeping posture certainly can improve the condition.

A Balance of Comfort and Support

What about support though? In a memory foam mattress, support does not come in the form of steel springs, but the density of the foam layers. A good memory foam mattress has different layers of high density foam to give you a balance of firmness and softness, making it soft and yet supportive instead of saggy.

The ViroClean Mattress

How Your Bed Responses to You

A spring mattress has a bounce to it, and while some people do like the bounce of a mattress, it does not promote good sleep. If you are a light sleeper, all that strata movement when you change positions and when your bed partner moves affect your sleep. On a memory foam mattress, your partner can toss and turn all night and you wouldn’t even feel a thing.

You may have heard of sinking too deep in the bed, but it doesn’t happen with the modern and improved memory foam mattresses that have a faster response time to change of positions. That You-shaped hole you created on the mattress will promptly recover as you move to the side, so you won’t feel stuck.

Sleep Well for Longer

Have you had one of those toys with a spring in it? Bet you played with the spring until it wasn’t fun anymore when it lost its springiness. Coils of springs in a mattress are no different when you apply pressure on them – eventually they lose strength and sag (with a squeak). Wherever you apply more pressure, the earlier they sag, so spring mattresses are usually likely to sag starting from the area the hips are placed. Continue to use a sagging mattress for longer, then lower back pain is likely to start.

While not all memory foam mattresses are built alike, a good quality high density foam formula would have been tested by machine-rolling to ensure durability for at least 10 years. For example, the foam for our Supreme Mattress is rolled 50,000 times by a 140kg weight and it does not sink below 10%, which means a 20 cm mattress does not go flatter than 18 cm even after 10 years of sleeping.

Some might argue that high quality memory foam mattresses are more expensive, and therefore should be more durable, but wouldn’t you rather pay a bit more to sleep well over 10 years, than go over the hassle of changing the mattress in 5? Seeing as changing a mattress is not a fun chore, most people would procrastinate and end up not sleeping well for a few years more, until the event becomes inevitable.

Staying Cool

Having said all that, we’ll give credit to spring mattresses for being cooler with all the air in it. However memory foam mattresses are not far behind with today’s improved technology. Using well-crafted foam and a careful choice of ticking fabric for breathability, a memory foam mattress can stay cool and dry all night. This is especially not a concern for air-conditioned rooms too.

Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

Because a quiet, deep sleep throughout the night, waking up fresh and free from back pain is what we want, we’re convinced that memory foam mattresses have the upper hand. The only thing left to do is to choose the right one. When choosing a memory foam mattress, be sure to check whether it is tested and certified to be toxic-free. The Supreme Mattress from The Beddings Company is certified by TUV SUD to be entirely safe.

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