Which Pillow is Your Best Match?

Tall pillow, adjustable pillow, cooling pillow, fluffy pillow, pressure-relieving pillow, you name it, we’ve got it!

Adjustable Height

Mighty Protect™ Adjustable Pillow

The ultimate customizable pillow made of our signature memory foam with a plush, fibre-filled cover. Sleep with peace of mind with modern hygiene technology. Adjustable from 17cm to 11cm.

Adjustable Height

Air Active Deluxe Pillow

Available in classic and shoulder shapes, the Air Active Deluxe is a great choice for side sleepers. Experience both support and comfort with this adjustable pillow.

Temperature Regulating

Polar Gel Ortho Pillow

Now with a new, cooler formula, our Polar Gel pillow gives you a nice flat and firm surface to rest your head. No more tossing around trying to keep the heat away.

Temperature Regulating

Sportline Pillow

Crafted from our high density memory foam and Outlast temperature regulating fabric in a unique shape, this pillow accommodates both back sleepers and side sleepers well.


Viroclean Contour Pillow

High density memory foam for great support and durability encased in a soft, breathable, self-sanitising cover. Our newest technology to keep viruses and bacteria at bay while you sleep.


Shiatsu™ Pillow

A memory foam pillow that has two sides to it. Flip for the side that massages and relieves pressure from your head while you sleep or the super soft and cushy side.

Hotel Collection

Magnifica™ Pillow

Made from the finest microfibre and high absorbing natural bamboo cotton for an extra fluffy and plush pillow yet robust enough for a high quality feel.

Hotel Collection

COMBO™ Pillow

As pillows go, this is the most popular among our export items. Combining the best of memory foam and supersoft microfibre, the Combo pillow has both luxurious feel and head support.

Hotel Collection

Hotel Royal Pillow

The plushest pillow for those who love a classic shape and feel of premium feather and down. Soft, luxurious and huggable.

Have you found your perfect pillow?

Buy with confidence in our product quality as all our pillows come with 12 months warranty.