Warranty Registration

About Warranty


The mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty, from the date of delivery and collection. This warranty is not transferable and covers only the original purchaser who continues to be the owner of the product.

This warranty covers:

  1. A visible indentation greater than 2.5cm. It is essential that the users have used a proper bed base support such as solid surface, non-spring foundation, or adjustable bed that is structurally capable to support the weight of the mattress and users. The weight of the users must not exceed 100KG on each side.
  2. Any physical flaws in the mattress that causes the material to split or crack.
  3. Mattress cover damage such as faulty zip upon receipt of the product.

This warranty does not cover:

  1. A normal increase in softness or hardness which does not affect the pressure relieving qualities of the mattress.
  2. Comfort preferences.
  3. Damage associated with an improper use such as cuts, burns, liquid damage or stains by the users or any third party.
  4. Floor models or “DEMOS” sold at a discount.
  5. Zips on the cover unless faulty zip is found upon receipt of the product.

During the warranty period, transportation costs for delivering the replacement will be borne by the customer. In case an identical model or material is not available for a replacement, thebeddingscompany reserves the right to substitute a comparable model or material, and any price difference shall be borne by the customer. Repaired or replaced mattresses or mattress covers are subject to the same Warranty as the original mattress, such that its warranty term begins on the delivery / collection date of the original mattress that was purchased.

Please fill up the form below to register your product’s warranty for the mattress you have purchased. You are advised to register your product warranty as soon as you receive the products. Warranty is only valid in the country of origin where the products were purchased.