Mighty Protect Topper

Sleep better on memory foam.

Mighty Protect Topper

We understand that buying a mattress is a huge commitment. For one, a good quality mattress does not come cheap, and to commit to sleep on that same mattress for years to come is literally choosing a bed partner, won’t you say? However you can still improve your sleep immediately by adding a mattress topper. Feel for yourself the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam today.


Add Memory Foam to Your Bed

For any existing mattress, adding a layer of high density memory foam will help you sleep better as it moulds to your body along the natural lines and keeps your spine aligned. Our Mighty Protect Topper is made of the same exported-quality foam in our Supreme Mattress, with antibacterial technology from Japan.


Spare Bed for Guests

Bring comfort to your house guests even if there is no spare bed in the house. The soft, quilted fibres over 5cm thick memory foam feels luxurious.


Easy Storage and Cleaning

Taking up very little space when folded, the Mighty Protect Topper is a convenient setup for the guest. The cover can be easily removed for cleaning too. Also get the ViroClean Contour Pillow for a full set today.

Why thebeddingscompany Mighty Protect Topper?

Every company uses a different formula to create memory foam. Our carefully constructed formula makes the foam a higher density than that used by most of the mattresses in the market, so it will be able to provide more support and distribute body weight more evenly. The Mighty Protect Topper uses this very same high density foam, which is why the 5cm height is supportive enough for you to feel the benefits of sleeping on memory foam.

Why Choose Us?

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