The only pillow you need.

Comfortable Head and Neck Support

The right firmness or softness

Two Pillow Heights to Choose from

Hygienic, Antiviral Cover


No More Neck Pain

A Balance of Comfort and Support

Removable Viroclean Cover

ViroClean Contour Pillow

Best pillow for you

We’ve all been through it – buying pillow after pillow, looking for the perfect pillow that is not too hard or too soft, just so we can wake up not feeling like a zombie with a severed neck. Getting a good pillow is important, because neck pain is the thing we least need in our busy lives. Thus we bring you the ViroClean Contour Pillow.

Comfortable Head and Neck Support

Lasting for Years

High density memory foam cradles the head perfectly with support for the neck, bringing you restful sleep every night. It is the very same premium memory foam used for our ViroClean Mattress and Mighty Protect Topper.

Different heights on each side of the pillow makes it flexible for you to choose based on sleeping position. Sleep on the taller height if sleeping on your side, and sleep on the lower height if sleeping on your back.


Viroclean Contour pillow

Feels just right

The ViroClean Contour memory foam pillow is ergonomically designed to contour along the curve of your neck and head, with a new, upgraded Viroclean cover that is fully removable. 

Our export-quality high density memory foam provides just the right support and firmness, and is certified to be toxic-free.



Eliminating Viruses Quickly

97.84% of viral activity is gone in 4 hours

Eliminating Other Microorganisms

Keeps bacteria, mold and dust mites at bay and preventing skin allergies and acne

Safe and Skin-Friendly

Soft, breathable, and Oekotex compliant

Environmentally Friendly

Non-metal containing, non-leaching, sustainable, recyclable, and does not use silver technology


Prevents odours and requires less frequent washings

Washable and Replaceable

Zippered, removable cover makes it easier for all

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